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Tile & Marble Trends 2022

There are so many options when it comes to choosing tile for your home. From shape and color to size and grout, selecting your materials can get overwhelming and end up taking forever. At Coffey Tile & Marble, we help you understand your choices and make the final decision. 2022 design trends are here and it's your turn to explore your options to make the most out of your space.

Photo by Camillestyles.com

A big trend we are seeing this season is the continuation of installing large-format tiles for flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. Aside from making a space look larger, large-format tiles are easier to care for as there is less grout to scrub.

Photo by Countertopsnews.com

Hexagons are also still in style and only growing in popularity. They are a great, modern option for bathroom floors.

Photo by Tilezz.com

The ultimate classic look goes to a marble-clad space. Its lightness and airy atmosphere enhances any room, especially bathrooms and kitchens. This look will never go out of style.

Another feature that is growing in popularity is floor-to-wall tiling. Bringing tile up the wall and to the ceiling really opens up a space, giving the illusion that there is more room. This design feature also highlights the height of a ceiling.

Photo by Digsdigs.com

There are several more tile designs that are gaining attention in 2022, but one that caught our eye is using two tile types in one room - i.e. two white tiles, hexagons on the floor and herringbone on the walls. Bringing multiple textures into one room creates a playful atmosphere and is an interesting choice to consider for laundry rooms and bathrooms/powder rooms.

Photo by Mercurymosaics.com

Whether you decide on something more classic or want to try a fresh, modern style, Coffey Tile & Marble will be with you every step of the way. Our team will explain benefits and drawbacks of materials and offer their design expertise to ensure your final product is just what you envision.

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